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We really are just that cute.
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Inspired by a Loved One by AkaiChounokoe
Inspired by a Loved One
Did this with ink, pencil, manga markers, gel pen, and nail polish.
Bloodied Rain by AkaiChounokoe
Bloodied Rain
Did this with pencil, manga markers, red ink, Xacto knife, glue, and an eye dropper.

I kinda noticed how red ink looks an awful lot like blood, so this came about, among other things
Morning Glory Vine by AkaiChounokoe
Morning Glory Vine
These morning glories are almost ready to bloom. 

I tend to get morning glories outside of my house.

Did this with colored ink and a brush.
Her Pet by AkaiChounokoe
Her Pet
This pic has a sordid story behind it, one of a childhood wish, the which shall remain undisclosed.

She had a wish, too, however, she's enacted on it, giving this "pet" a treat.

Said treat being giblets, bones, and severed limbs. There is plenty more where that came from. Must dispose of evidence of course.

Did this with pencil, gouache, watercolor, ink, manga markers, and pencil.
Dying by AkaiChounokoe
I forgot to post this but gin. She's dying cloth to use for clothing later.

Did this with pencil, manga markers, colored ink, and colored pencil.
Girls and Persimmons by AkaiChounokoe
Girls and Persimmons
It's a harvest time but these girls are unused to persimmons, so one ponders as to how they are edible, while one decides to play with one. 

Bored Courtesan by AkaiChounokoe
Bored Courtesan
Either that or impatient, considering that she was awaiting someone's company. 

Doing this was kinda hard, considering that I had to erase a bazillion times and decide on things like colors and details, along with how to draw her pose and the chaise, along with being on borrowed time.

Did this with colored ink, gouache, manga markers, pencil, gel pen, crayola markers, and nail polish.
It was agitation
Duress, as she'll state
She didn't think they'd bleed

There were arguments

To some extent, she was afraid
Terrified of what she remembered
What the child she was endured

She didn't cut near the vein
Her injuries, while self-inflicted, were minor
They'd heal, leaving behind scars

Yet, tauntingly, he asked her:

"Why didn't you finish the job? Huh, why don't you go and finish the job?"

She just wanted to cut
It was self-harm, a sign of emotional and behavioral duress
Not suicide, a wish to die

Perhaps, by his words, he wanted her to die

She was impulsive
Said impulses destructive
Impulses she'd try not to indulge

This time was different
She'd indulge them, knowing there was little to gain
She didn't think she'd bleed

No, she bled
They burned
And she was in pain

As far as she knew, he meant his words

He, feeling so burdened by her existence, wanted her to die

Her demise probably will have freed him
However, she couldn't be guaranteed to cross over
She'd probably haunt him

No, she was alive
Yet, his words echoed
And she'd remember

It was an argument
Duress and emotions
And, she indulged a destructive urge

An impulse which led her to bleed
However, he cursed her to die
And such words could never be taken back

Not that he probably would want to, regardless, she didn't know

She had four cuts
And two of them bled
She'd look at the scars

Remembering to never do it again

And, as she bled, that he cursed her to die

In an incident surrounding the cuts.
The Cuts
This actually happened and it happened last week. Either way, I am pretty candid. 

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Amoridere (a nice nickname)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I don't have various things to say, except I love animals, especially butterflies and foxes. I was scared of spiders but over came my fear . I want to travel the world and explore new things. I'd love to write stories and read, also draw but I mostly do that for fun. I'm an Aspie, which is someone with Aspergers. I'm also a loner with odd interests. I can be hissy and perhaps spiteful if angered, depending on how you made me angry however. I also don't like it when someone messes with my friends, SO DON'T DO THAT! THAT'S ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES ME ANGRY! I don't like being angry. Usually, I'm sweet and nice and a little shy but extremely freindly. I'm also a free spirit, AND NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY MY FREE WILL

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