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I awoke in a bed in a cold and dark room. It seemed to be silence all around, with only the wind blowing. It was barely any light and I couldn't see outside but I could tell full well it was nighttime. I got up and started to walk around, finding a window.  It really was nighttime and, from what could be seen, the city was ravaged by what seemed to be war. It was hopeless. Faintly, I could see the snow falling, falling, and falling on a desolate hopeless world. I left the location where I had awakened and ventured through the snowy sadness to find a familiar face, some shred of anyone familiar. I continued venturing until I happened upon someone dressed fairly elegantly in black, smoking a cigarette from a cigarette holder. I recognized her as Doki, surprisingly enough.

She noticed me, too, and said, "Heh, long time, no see, Ethelinda Berniece Rabbitwright." She blew out a puff. Aside from glasses, she more resembled her twin sister, right down to sullen mood and voice, only hers was more distinct. I asked her what had happened to her, to which she said, "Well, I've stooped to levels I cannot really crawl back from and have done things in which I am not proud. Life I suppose." She didn't really elaborate what she's meant and I haven't asked her, not that it would matter,  as she wouldn't tell me anyway.

She started walking off, saying, with an even sadder resonance, "There is no escape for those with broken wings." She said nothing else and continued walking off, almost as if things were normal. What happened?  I followed after her, wondering where she was going to. She stopped at a snow covered graveyard. A private one. "I'm sorry...."  I heard her say, in a mourning tone, almost to the point of tears.  I wonder who was buried there and how many  were buried there but I knew asking would not get me any answers, as she would probably prefer to keep quiet about her affairs. Her silence proved I was right, although, she did know I wanted to ask her questions.

"Soon." she responded to my silence. I followed her home, Toki's former residence. To my sadness and shock, as she soon as she had become comfortable, she promptly attached herself to a dialysis machine and a few intravenous drips, before reading a book. From the implications, this seemed to be a normal occurrence, leaving me to wonder if she was dying. She looked from the pages of her book and said, "If you're curious about this, yes, I have been delaying death, not that it will have mattered much, as the disease has long far progressed and, at the most, I have about a few months to a year. In the end, I haven't much of anything left and neither will I have too much to lose."

She was resigned to her fate and, yet, she seemed to welcome it. It was quiet for a little while before she had looked up from her book and said, "I cannot make the trip, as kidney failure tends to keep me in a limited range, however, you could ask Jinx and Spin or Brownie to help you."  She was ill, as with the case of medicines and dialysis treatments, but not alone. She then told me where I could find them and that they were not far. I went to where she's instructed and found Jinx and Spin warming themselves by a fire. They were dressed in black, as though mourning, then again, they hadn't much a reason not to be, after all, from all implications, most of everyone we knew is dead, including Toki, and Doki, being terminally ill with numbered days, will follow suit.

It was awkward sitting in silence with the two and I wasn't to used to talking to them. However, the silence was broken when Jinx pulled out a ragged notebook. Slowly, he started to read off all the names of those deceased, which he did and the last more recent one was Toki's, with Madgie's name coming before. According to Jinx, Madgie had passed away about six months before Toki, whereas Toki had died a year and a month ago. As to be expected, Toki went quietly but not without trying to fight for her life and, when it was futile, she died with dignity. Neither of the two wished speak of Madgie's demise, leaving me to wonder if her death was not as merciful, actually, from what I did find out, she was severely burned in a fire, and that Doki became the "Angel of mercy". I needn't ask any further questions and neither would I have held Madgie's death against her, not that it'd be likely that she's had choice in the matter.

After listing off names, Jinx remarked idly that she often liked how the snow made everything sparkle. Of course, he wasn't referring to Toki or Doki, no, he was referring to his passed on girlfriend, Olga. I don't know her too much but I remembered that, having been born Hawaii, snow had always been a curiousity to her and, apparently, she liked how it sparkled.  As I thought, I didn't see how the snow made everything sparkle, actually, considering how dismal the world is in the aftermath and all affected, it seemed like they were cold frozen tears.

Those above were weeping and would continue do so. As I stared up at the sky, I thought about Toki, who had passed away quietly, her twin sister, Doki, who was terminally ill and suffering kidney failure, suffered through so much, and had so very little to lose, and Madgie, whose death came as a mercy, leaving the one who gave her that mercy with even more regret.  I sat staring at the sky lost in my thoughts for what seemed like a long time, until Jinx patted my hand, saying, "We'll take you there but, first, you have to say goodbye to Doki."

Before we started off,  I paid her a final visit, to tell her goodbye,  to which she responded, smiling a bittersweet smile, "Hello, gokoūn o inorimasu,  jā mata ne, Usagi-san." I found it odd that she would say "Hello", of course, all "Hellos" would be a goodbye somewhere. She would see me again, that was true, thus, she would say what she said. She saw us off, as the cold wind blew threw her hair and she blinked her long-suffered eyes. Some part of me didn't want to leave her and sensed something her eyes and smile hid, yet revealed the truth about

As we left, I found out something else that I wished I hadn't and it was that Doki wasn't entirely honest about how long she had to live, actually, Jinx quietly revealed that her time was shorter than what she said and it was that she had about a couple of weeks at the most. By the time our journey would come to its close, she would have passed away. Picking up the pieces and to right a wrong would be doing her one kindness, a kindness for an angel with broken wings.

As we traveled, true to our assumptions, Doki passed away, her death being reported in the newspaper. Apparently, she had passed in her sleep and her death was a quiet one, as, according to Brownie, in the interview by the paper, her functions just stopped, plain and simple. Her death was of natural causes, which needn't any investigating, as she was already dying of kidney failure and terminal illness. As we continued, I felt her soft gentle hand on my shoulder before her presence disappeared altogether.  

When we've just about made it, the falling snow turned to falling rain and the wind sounded mournful, like the grieved wails of a choir made of mourners. "You have to continue this on your own, Bunny." Jinx said, telling me to go forth and don't look back. I was left alone, alone to go into the Nothingness. I walked on for hours before coming to where I was supposed come.

It was dark for awhile and then all was right again. No longer was the world a dismal and winter town place. It was back to normal.
Tulips by AkaiChounokoe
Some tulips I photographed, having  not have taken photes digitally and posted in awhile
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