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About Varied / Hobbyist Amoridere (a nice nickname)Female/United States Group :iconthebunnygroup: TheBunnyGroup
We really are just that cute.
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Security Blanket

Just a little girl holding a severed limb.

Did this with pencil, gouache, watercolors, and markers.

Tramp Stamp

Well, there’s nothing else to call this (it was either title this the aforementioned or title it “An Ass”). Not sure why I did this but I’ll just roll with it

For anyone curious, her name is Brownie.

Did this with pencil, gouache, manga markers, gel pen, and a paintbrush.

Bloods Spattered
This actually was done before the other one. Again, it's about my obsessive intrusive visions of being blood-spattered, except I was blood spattered, while the world wasn't.
Springtime Baby Vomit
Well, I wasn't sure of what else to call it besides what it looked like. I did this with left over paint and ink.
Ladies of the Moonlight
Wasn't really sure what to call this pretty pair but it came naturally. 
Big-Ass Lemons
I had the damnedest time at the conservatory trying to figure out as to how they were lemons (I thought they were grapefruits or something). They're called "Ponderosa lemons" and, apparently, they get really big.
A World Spattered in Blood

A little piece based on an obsessive intrusive thought or, rather, an obsessive intrusive vision where the world, for a few moments, looks like it’s blood spattered.

Did this with gouache, watercolors, pencil, manga markers, and a paintbrush.

Angeline in Turquoise Green
I felt the need to paint a toddler, so she came along.

Did this with pencils, gouache, watercolors, gel pen, a brush pen, crayola markers, and manga markers.
She stood there

Her expression and gesture speaking of annoyance

"And...?" she seemed to say

She didn't care if someone was looking

Neither did she bother to correct

A certain wardrobe malfunction

She stood in plain view

Annoyed at the fuss

Nothing was mesmerizing about what they were looking at

It was drafty

She made note of this

Just as she ignored its sensation

Just stood there in silent annoyance

She was wasn't going to cover up

And neither was she going to complain about the stares

However, she was annoyed about the fuss

They'd call display obscene

Demand she'd cover up or fix her clothes

But it wasn't as though she was being deliberate

Her robe was black

And her nightgown was red

Those grab attention

Yet, no one fusses about those

Instead they would fuss about

Something that was framed by her black and red ensemble

Said something they, in its display, deemed obscene

Surely, they couldn't be fussing over an uncovered breast?

It was a part of her anatomy

They would be looking at it, regardless if she had it covered or didn't

If anything, surely, it's obscenity was unfounded

Wardrobe malfunction be damned, certainly

It was an accident and not deliberate

After all, she could display her nether regions for all to see

Her nether regions were a part of her anatomy

Much like her breasts were, however,

Said breasts were not nearly as vulgar

As those parts

Yet, people fussed as though

She made something profane of

Something sacred

As though she uttered a curse

She hadn't

Her breast had just lopped out

Nothing special

Surely, this sort of thing hasn't happened before?

It has

To many others besides her

Yet, no one considered that this occurs

Seeing a uncovered breast, to her,

Was not like the end of the world

And neither was she defiling the sacred by

Making it profane


It was a breast

She had two of them

Much like plenty of others

They were a part of her anatomy

Just like her arms and legs

And everything else

Yet, her uncovered breast was obscene.

Go figure.
Needs no explanation.
Orchid Still Life
Just a still life of an orchid.

Did this with watercolors, pencil, gouache, Japanese watercolors, a marker, and ink

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Amoridere (a nice nickname)
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United States
I don't have various things to say, except I love animals, especially butterflies and foxes. I was scared of spiders but over came my fear . I want to travel the world and explore new things. I'd love to write stories and read, also draw but I mostly do that for fun. I'm an Aspie, which is someone with Aspergers. I'm also a loner with odd interests. I can be hissy and perhaps spiteful if angered, depending on how you made me angry however. I also don't like it when someone messes with my friends, SO DON'T DO THAT! THAT'S ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES ME ANGRY! I don't like being angry. Usually, I'm sweet and nice and a little shy but extremely freindly. I'm also a free spirit, AND NOTHING CAN TAKE AWAY MY FREE WILL

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