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One day, Toki got a box on her porch, addressed: E.B Rabbitwright. She thought it was rather odd for Bunny to be addressed with a present. However, she found it was no ordinary present as it made noise when picked up. How preposterous! What sort of present makes noise? She thought. Her nose twitched and she noticed it had the smell of diapers filled with poop. Carrying the box, she went inside and called out "E.B Rabbitwright?" Wiping her hands, Bunny walked into the room and said "What?" Toki handed her the box and said "It's for you." She promptly set it on the floor, ignoring the stench, and opened it. As soon as she did, her eyes widened. From the overall expression, one could tell that she was less than pleased, in fact, she was both shocked and livid. Toki peered inside the box and promptly asked "Are those yours?" Bunny glowered and said "Hell no!" Toki giggled and said "Relax, Usagi, I was just joking but they are cute."

Inside the box were two kits (baby rabbits), one with heart-shaped markings and the other speckles. Their names were Sweetheart and Speckles, respectively. They appeared to be decently younger than Eglantine, actually, their age were closer to that of infants. They looked around with large eyes, before looking at Bunny, as if to ask "Are you our mother?" Bunny blinked her narrowed eyes and said "I wonder if they are boys or girls." Toki blinked and she said "Well, let's find out, after all, they do need diaper changes and some water." Toki picked up the babies and their blanket and Bunny picked up an envelope. They continued on to the kitchen.

"You're going to change them on the kitchen table?" Bunny asked. Toki giggled and said "Yes, Usagi, I've changed diapers before and I didn't want to waste any time in going upstairs, oh, will you hold them please?" Putting the envelope in her cleavage, she took the babies in her arms and watched Toki set put a diaper changing liner on the table before putting the rest of her supplies out. Bunny handed her the babies and Toki proceeded to change them. "Oh!" she said. Bunny's eyes widened and she asked "What is it?" Toki smiled and said "They're girls." She promptly changed their diapers and pointed to the envelope in Bunny's cleavage, prompting her to open it. Inside was a note that read:

Dear E.B,
Please understand, please, you see, I can't care them any longer. All they do is cry and scream and I can't take it anymore. I hope you can understand but I'm engaged and soon to be married and my fiancé doesn't like children, much, but I know you will like them. Also, I'm moving to Europe with my new husband.

Estacia Adelle. Rabbitwright, one of your many relatives.

"This is why we never invite her to family reunions!" Bunny said, boiling over. Apparently, the Rabbitwrights had a few unfavorable members. From what Toki could see, Bunny's cousin Estacia was not as good as she was, in fact, she disgusted her family members to such a heavy extent that she is unwelcome at family reunions and that she seemed to have irritated her relatives in the past. Before Toki could inquire, Bunny said "Estacia is a total slut and these aren't even her first babies and she's did this before. The rest Rabbitwright Family is completely ashamed of her."

"How many times has she done this?"

"Pfff, so many times I haven't even bothered to count but her very first she had before she was out of high school."

"Huh, a teenage mother, I should've figured, how many babies did she leave with her relatives?"

"Now that you say that, let me see, give or take, crunch some numbers, do some calculations, oh! All of 'em!"

"Okay, how do your relatives handle it?"

"Well, Toki, because the Rabbitwright family looks out for each other, various relatives took the babies in and often begged for her to see them."

"I see, and the poor dears never miss her, do they?"

"Hell no, in fact, no one tells them that she's their mother."

"I see, well, you most certainly have a lot to learn, then."

"About what?"

"About how to take care of infants."

Bunny was a little upset but, at Toki's encouragement, she quite accepted the responsibilities of a mother, after all, she had already accepted that responsibility before. The babies looked at her with such affection and curiosity that she couldn't help but to smile. "You love them already." Toki said, smiling. Bunny picked up the babies and went to her room. She set them on her bed and looked at them. They looked at her, too, and Speckles made a squeak. Initially, she didn't know what to do and figuring that looking at them for a little while would probably get her thinking about it. She looked at them for about an hour before Eglantine ran in and said "Babies!" The babies looked at her, before one of them sneezed. Apparently, Eglantine liked everything she saw, even if she didn't know about or what it is or does.

"Oh, Eggie, those are our baby cousins Sweetheart and Speeckles." Bunny said, pointing the babies Eglantine was looking at. Eglantine blinked and, correcting her cousin's pronunciation error, said "Speckles." Bunny rolled her eyes and figured nothing of the matter. Eglantine reached out and poked one of the babies, who responded with a squeak before a grunt. Apparently, Sweetheart and Speckles could show full well that they are responsive. She promptly picked one up and held her close, causing the child to giggle. At least, Eglantine likes to share attention. Bunny thought. Eglantine put the child back before skipping out of the room. The babies went back to looking at her and, smiling, she closed her eyes and kissed them each gently on the forehead, to which they responded by touching her face.

This sort of thing was new to her and she wondered what the purpose was. It was not resentment or upset, no, it wasn't. She didn't know what the reason was but the reason became clear once they were cooing. It was affection and curiosity and they had found someone to bond with. Her cousin Estacia might have rejected them but she didn't, no, she didn't. As far as Sweetheart and Speckles knew, she was their mother and presumably the only one they were to have. She was their cousin and apart of their extended family but she was who they needed the most. Estacia doesn't know what she's missing. Bunny thought. A few tears rolled down her cheeks and she held the babies close, whispering "I guess I can learn to love you, too."

The kits clung to the surrogate mother and Bunny held them in her arms. As she held them, whatever dislike and anger she held towards her cousin had diminished. The kits Estacia left behind needed her. She knew, sometime in the future, whenever she sees her, she was going to confront her cousin but, for the time being, she thought about the kits about that her cousin left behind.
What happens when cousin Estacia decides she doesn't want her kids? Well, this happens.
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