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Madgie by AkaiChounokoe Madgie by AkaiChounokoe
This is Bunny's younger 12-year old sister, Madgie. Her real name is Madgeline but she is called Madgie because of the fact she is still hounded by world and is on the world's most wanted list (which has an outdated picture of her). She had to live with Bunny, 3 years ago, when her parents died in an accident (not caused by her experiments) and it is often explained that Bunny doesn't care for her too much. She is wearing a hat called a chulo and she almost always wears it (except for when she's bathing). The things she's wearing around her eyes are not glasses, they are goggles (for those who can't tell) and she is wearing goggles because she likes to experiment and tries to fly. She is currently hiding out from the CIA, the FBI, the millitary, the governement, and the world because she has a knowledge of how to make high grade explosives and the country is seekig her out because she tested them in government areas (making her a domestic terrorist, domestic in the sense of being the terrorist within one's country). It should be noted that she nevers shoes on both feet. She's also extremely gifted and psycologically backwards, in addition to having a compulsion to blow things up, hence her love of explosives. According to Sexy Bunny, she has been conducting experiments since kindegarden and seems to have alternate personalities, as well should have been institutionalized.

Once she had the misfortune of testing her explosives on Toki's property and was almost killed on the spot, however, Toki let it go and she never tested explosives on her property again.
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