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August 14, 2012
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Madgie, what the hell did you do?! I awoke to modified guns pointing to my face. Who were holding the guns, were children and obviously knew what they were for. It seemed they were between prepubescent and post-pubescent, certainly not old enough to fight in whatever war it is that was going on. Before I could ask a mere question, I was told "Silence!" from a loud voice. Whose voice could that be? I had figured the person to whom the voice belonged and I was surprised to see her caught up in the violence. She was Toki's gentle twin sister, Doki.

She looked different. Her long red hair was unkempt and she missing an antenna. Her claws had gotten longer. She was wearing black eyehshadow and red lipstick. On one wrist she had a bracelet and she was wearing one combat glove. She was wearing combat boots with braces fixed onto them, though apparently they seemed to be ragged. One corner of her mouth was slashed and had healed together with staples (or piercings) in it. She also wearing a short black dress and around her neck was the cross her sister gave her.

The children stepped out of the way to let her inspect what they found. She gave me surprised look and said "I am quite surprised that you are still alive, heh. Children, sweethearts, put away your weapons, she is no threat." She pointed to me and told me get up, snatching me by the wrist. "Ask no questions here." I heard one child say. We walked until we were in an underground passage way, where a child in a black dress and crutch greeted us. "Oh, Violetta, you are a dear." she said, lightly stroking the girl's hair. She administered a kiss on her forehead before continuing.

In whatever war that is going on, I was surprised that Doki was very affectionate with them and it occurred to me that, due to what was going on, she didn't want to put them up to killing as so to defend their turf or themselves but it was not like she could take them anywhere else or hide them for very long. As it seemed in the case of Violetta, who was minus a leg, they would have to be damaged in sort of way if they were to be out of duty. Doki's affection towards them proved what no one thought, it proved that they were not expendable weapons and, that to her, they were precious and that, if she didn't have to, she wouldn't be making them do what they are doing.

We continued on through the tunnel, until there was a gentle white light. "My sister has been waiting to see you for so long and she of your return." Doki said, pointing me into the room. In the room was a bright white lantern and a bed. Sitting on the bed was Toki, dressed in an elegant gothic white dress with a red ribbon on the front and a pearl ruby pendant. She was wearing a white veil, the edges decorated in lace and decorated with red ribbon. Her red hair had turned silvery-white and most of it was tied in a braid. She was also wearing red lipstick and her nails were painted red. Her eyes were kind yet sad.

Doki sighed and said "I shall leave you alone to discuss private matters. Come along, sweethearts." She left us alone to discuss what was needed and, the sooner she did, Toki broke into tears. I wondered what the source of her sorrow was.

She stopped and said "The reason for my sorrow is one that upsets me so in that it concerns your sister, Madgeline, and the time transport." When I inquired on what had happened, she said "The world is in shatters and that countries no longer exist, rather, on every continent, we have districts that are constantly at each other's throats over land and control. Even the youngest must fight and only injury, illness, disability, and death could free them."

"What happened to Madgie?"

"Oh, dear, she didn't give me a choice."

"A choice in what?!"

"What happened was something I dearly regret, she was dying when she asked me to do this, she asked me to use her blood to seal her soul and the time transport away, only for it be unlocked once you returned to unseal it."

"Why the hell would she ask that?!"

"Oh, Usagi, you must be angry with me for very justified reasons, but please understand, she begged me to do it and told me dying was a punishment for the sin she committed and that she wanted to be sealed away with the time transport, so she can be freed once you came to unseal it and revert time back to the way it was."

"And what became of you, I must ask?"

"A life of imprisonment for myself, since I could not invoke my own demise afterwards, even though I desired nothing more than to do so ever since it happened."


"I know you are angry with me and I wanted nothing more than to seal my own fate along with hers but she begged me to and I knew not what else to do so I did it."


"I can understand your anger and grief but please try to forgive me."

"Do… you… know… where… the… time… transport… is?"

"Yes, I do, on the very far outskirts of town, look for a lavender shoe, but when you leave, don't stop running until you are there. Here's the key to break the chain."

I left that underground safehouse, seething. I wondered if I would even forgive Toki for what she did. Her cries of regret could be heard from all the way in her underground safehouse, her prison. I heard a little voice within my heart say "Forgive! You must forgive!" I did as she said and didn't stop running until I found a little lavender shoe with blood stains. I could still hear Toki's sobs of regret, surprised it has not revealed her location. I gently picked up the shoe and found it was Madgie's. Holding the shoe and the key, I continued walking until I spotted a patch of glowing flowers.

At this point, I was wondering if I should even set things right again, let alone forgive Toki but my decision was made when I heard Toki's pained sobs of regret come to an abrupt and screeching end causing the heavens above to have a more bitter rage than I. A hard rain came down and her bitter cries echoed through the wind. As the heavens above rained down tears, my heart broke. Of all this time, I was broken. Madgie was dead, her soul sealed away by the one person to help set this right and the one who did the sealing, cried until she either met her supposed end. I had to chose, I just had to.

If I didn't choose, I would have to sit back and watch as many perished because of something I could have stopped. It would be like I killed myself with all those children killed by the warriors of other districts. Choose! I heard a voice say. The sadness and anger was killing me. I wanted to imagine something different but that would drive me insane. With my eyes full of tears, I could have sworn I saw Madgie standing right in front of me, bound in chains, smiling a bittersweet smile. I could sworn I heard her say "Please forgive Toki, it's okay." The delusion disappeared and my choice was made.

Using the key, that Toki had given me, I broke the chain and time transport was activated. As I unsealed, Madgie's soul and the time transport, I thought about Madge, in her last moments, Toki and her pained sobs of regret, Doki and those children being thrust into a world that they cannot escape and all else that has transpired.

Once I unsealed it, a blinding light came and next thing I knew, I was home. In unsealing the time transport, I found I had forgiven Toki of what she did before I returned to the future. I had quite wondered what happened to them. I was relieved to know they were alright and doing fine. Apparently, Violetta lost a boot and asked me if I had seen it.
Bunny returns and finds, like the previous time, the world is very wrong. In this future, no countries exist, only individual districts, which are at each other's throats over land and control and no one is exempt from fighting, even the youngest must fight (if they can hold a weapon and know what it is, they can fight.). She also learns the reason as to why Toki has hidden herself in an underground safehouse because of reasons unsettling.
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