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Often, Madgie and Bunny have fight but this one was dire. In this case, Madgie, having hated her sister, said, "Maybe you should kill yourself and join Mom and Dad!" to which Bunny responded, "Maybe I will!" Of course, someone heard that argument. Doki and she couldn't help but to feel worried. At least, Toki isn't home to hear that. she thought. Like anyone else, who heard that, she didn't second guess that. Being that is employed to heal and save lives, she decided to pay close attention to Bunny. Throughout the duration of that weekend, she watched. Bunny went back and forth and decided she would attempt it. She didn't want to but decided she would.

"Like Toki once said, River Seine do not reject me." she said, after looking down at the concrete courtyard below. Her blackened tears fell to the concrete and, before she could jump, she felt a gentle pair of arms wrap around her. She turned her head and found Doki, holding her. "Usagi, no, don't. I know you don't want to kill yourself and I know you want to live and if you kill yourself now, you'll leave, Eglantine, Sweetheart, Speckles, Luckie, Binky, and Magnolia alone and you would have proved that maybe she's won. I know you're going through some things and Madgie said some things that you really didn't need to hear. You are loved, don't do it. There are options and if you need help, I'll get it for you, don't do it." After hearing her out, Bunny broke down and cried. Just when she had felt her lowest, someone came to save her once again and let her know that she was not alone.
Bunny and Madgie get into a fight, which causes Bunny to feel so low that she decides to attempt suicide
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June 26, 2013
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