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Toki hid a secret. A long buried secret. By day, she was completely afraid of the cold and would seek a way to get away from it as soon as possible but, by night, she would sit and stare at the winter night admiringly, unusually tolerant to the cold, before she would go outside. This was a trait her infant did not inherit.  

Whenever she set foot outside in the cold night air, her eyes turned to a bright icy blue and her hair turned snow white with stains of icy blue, matching what she wore, though this varied every winter night (this form is frequent but the overall color, white, and hairpin remained the same in other forms).

With the night wearing a slightly obscuring veil or white, she moved through the falling snow, looking like an apparition.  She tried to hide this form but one of her friends would bring up the fact she had something to hide, forcing her to keep quiet about it.

One night, however, someone knew this pattern and wanted to end her life, as well as reveal who the 'snow rose' apparition was. Precious wanted to reveal what Toki was hiding all along. After the battle between Giselle, her, Cyanne, Toki, and Doki, she held an unbearable hatred against the very person who took her in and her hatred of Toki drove her into a blood lusting insanity from whence she was unable to return from.

It wasn't just Toki's life she wanted, she wanted her blood. She thought, in a twisted sort of way, Toki's blood would heal the damage done to her body (she experimented with Toki's blood before but never tried it on herself, not fully understanding the effects of it.) and she wanted to turn Giselle from the stone form she took after that battle when Doki, with the help of Cyanne (Toki ran to catch her baby after Giselle had dropped her), counter spelled and turn Giselle to stone.

She wondered how she should kill Toki but figured any blood-drawing method would do. Toki was running through the falling snow, almost completely unaware of the danger and what she was doing. Toki always wanted to be in eternal bliss and free from the curse that bound her.

Just as Precious was going to shoot her, she turned and smiled. A hauntingly beautiful bittersweet smile. She turned and started skip about the snow and she ran under her tree in her yard. Gunshots rang out. Blood fell to the snow, resembling rose petals. Toki danced one last time before falling to the ground.  Slowly, from her blood, rose vines started to creep up from the ground and intertwine themselves on the tree, under which she lie bleeding. She still smiled, appearing to be in eternal bliss.

Snowflakes fell and Toki continued smiling. Precious dropped the gun and said "I'll wait for your death, maitresse, such a fitting end for you, remaining in eternal bliss." She left her bleeding, while the rose vines crept up the tree and sprouted roses, which glowed.

The next morning, Precious returned to see if Toki had died from her wounds but found her, still in snow maiden form, standing under the rose blossom tree, seeming uninjured and unaffected by what had happened the night before. She stood smiling. Precious took her smile as complete mockery. Toki waved her finger in a warning fashion. With a smile, Toki said, rather sweetly, "Your actions will condemn you, Precious." Precious stared at her and wonder why she smiled.

Toki appeared to be in eternal bliss. Typically, Winter's day, she would be afraid of the cold and, by Winter's night, she would resume this form. During the day, she took her normal form. Precious knew Toki always lost this form in the day but she decided to take advantage of the fact Toki's night form being revealed in the day and went back into the house and awoke everyone. When everyone went to go see Toki in her night form, they found she had turned back to normal, barely awake with her arms wrapped around the rose tree.

They brought Toki inside and wrapped her in electric blanket.  When Precious was alone with her, she smiled and said "One day, you'll be condemned for your actions but your punishment will take pity on you." It didn't take long for Precious to realize that her insanity and hatred was going to lead to her downfall, just as Frailine had warned her about.

"Heed my words, Precious, for they may save your life, never allow hatred and resentment to drive your path for it will take away your sanity, like  Toki's did before me and yours will do the same. I warn you, don't let your hatred and resentment control you because, one day, it will lead to your downfall and, ultimately, the end of your life." said Frailine, with a grim look in her eyes. I waved her off in dismissal and said "Hah! Just because it lead to your insanity, doesn't mean it will do the same to moi!" I laughed in face but she stared at me with a look zat continues to haunt me.

That night, Precious saw her again, dancing blissfully around the rose tree. Seeing with one good eye and one damaged eye made it hard to track Toki's movements so she shot randomly. She shot 100 times and only 40 shots hit her. Like the night before, she danced one last time before falling to the ground. She smiled like she did before, except a blood tear fell from her eye. From her blood, spawned more rose vines and they wrapped around Toki, covering her completely.

After about 10 minutes, the vines formed a large rose from whence Toki emerged, looking as if she was the very element of purity itself. After she emerged from the large rose, the rose disappeared, leaving Toki in the snow. She faintly wrapped her arms around her beloved rose tree. Precious hastily reloaded  the gun but, however, a blizzard started, forcing her to retreat.

The next day, Doki found her resting under the rose tree. She knew her sister never came outside whenever it was very cold and was very suspicious. She knew something about the 'snow rose' apparition and wondered if the tree of roses had something to do with it. She also made note of the fact that Toki's behavior was very strange. She saw how Toki was very afraid of and even run away from the cold during the day and, by sundown, how she wasn't even running away from the cold. She put the pieces together and figured Toki was the 'snow rose' apparition.  She helped Toki inside and decided to watch her at night.

That night, she watched Toki and found her suspicions were confirmed. When Toki saw her, she disappeared into the falling snow, feeling betrayed and heartbroken.  Doki rushed out and called her sister's name but Toki was gone, leaving her hairpin behind. During the snowy night, Doki searched for her sister. She continued searching until she came to path of glowing petals in the forest. She followed them until, she came to patch of forest that was covered in roses. Cries of a maiden echoed through the wind.

Slowly and gently, Doki crept through the grove and found Toki, crying bitterly. "I didn't mean to make you upset, Toki." she said. Toki breathed in deeply before she said "Spring, summer, fall one way, winter's day and night certainly another, this shall forever be the norm, for eternal bliss presents itself in this form." Doki lightly stroked her hair and asked "What was that you said?"

"I don't know but I think it is the spell that binds me to change every night, during the winter. I tried forcing myself into a deep sleep as an effort to bypass it but that only worked in certain situations. I didn't wan't anyone else to know so I forced myself to sleep, until the winter passed."

"I see."

"Now that you saw me change, I must never return."

"Oh, Toki, please don't go away forever, we love you regardless if you were this or that. I know I made you upset and, to some degree, betrayed you but I'm sorry."

She stoped crying and looked at her sister, before throwing her arms around her. Doki took her by the hand and lead her home. Precious was waiting for them, a syringe in one hand and a knife in the other. She made a vow that she would do away with them but she wanted to extract Toki's blood and needed them alive for the latter. As soon as the sisters arrived, greeted them with a wicked smile. "Well, well, I zought you would never return but it seems you had decided to return. Unfortunately we will not be meeting like zis, again, because tonight is you last night." she said, laughing maniacally.

Toki laughed and sweetly said "Precious, my silly little French girl, you seemed to have forgotten that winter's nights are my domain."  Precious growled  and, before she could say anything, Toki camoflauged herself in the falling snow. She searched in vain but found Toki was more elusive than she thought.

Slashing her knife at almost nothing, she started to grow fusterated and, in her haste and ignorance, slashed herself. Toki was slashed, too, but it was a minor injury that could simply be covered with a bandage. However, this was something she failed to acknowledge, and, when one drop of Toki's blood hit her arm, not that far from where she accidentally cut herself, she wiped it into her open wound.

The battled ended with her screaming in pain and Toki put herself in veiw. Recognizing both their injuries, it sunk in that Precious was going to be crystallized. The crystallization was quickly coursing through her body and Toki wanted nothing more except to save her but she knew there was nothing that could be done.  Precious fell to the ground, her body stiffening up.  

"Any last wishes?" asked Toki. Precious slowly looked around and gave a sad smile. "My efforts to heal myself and resurrect Giselle were futile, I would want nodzing more zan to die. However, I would like for you to sing for me." she said, the light fading from her eyes.

"All this time you've spent hunting for something that was never  meant for your possesion, what did you really want?"

"I wanted what was mine and losing my position in the house was mine and having my place taken was a huge loss, to me, zan losing my position was. I wanted to take your life and use your blood to resurect Giselle and heal myself but I see zat your blood is killing me and zat  it would never bring 'Selle (pronounced Zell) back. To put it simply, I merely wanted to revenge but now I want you to sing for me zat lullaby you made up for your sister."

"Before I sing, I want you to know that no one has ever taken your place in my heart. I would also like to ask, have you renounced all your sins?"

"I renounce all of my sins."

"In the name of Christ, in Gods eyes thou is not guilty."

Toki lied a rose on Precious's chest and managed to draw out the requested lullabye from her heart, that was slowly breaking.  "As the stars shimmer like spots of glitter in the sky, it is tme to dream.  Now, my dearest, as the stars twinkle in the sky, it is time to dream, dream forever in innocence and bliss, the moon is high in the sky, good night my dearest, and dream.... and dream forever in eternal biss." she sang.

As the crystallization was reaching her heart, Precious closed her eyes and gave the same bittersweet smile Toki gave her two nights before. A few minutes after giving the bittersweet smile, Precious died when the crystallization reached her heart, freezing her in eternal bliss. Small crystals pointed from her skin in a flower like pattern. Toki wiped away her tears and said "Innocence lost."

Toki carried her fragile crystallized body and placed her underneath the rose tree, lightly burying her in the snow. Her heart was heavy and filled with memories of the beloved French girl she took in. The sisters walked into the house and the next day, they went to find patch of crystal roses where Precious's body once was.

*Epilogue (as told by Toki)*
I wonder why Precious had to die. She was once a sweet little girl that was driven onto the wronge path. I wish so much that  she wasn't but she is gone. Gone but not forgotten. I miss her but at least she is in a better place. I stand under the rose tree and remember her. She was another case of innocence lost and I'm glad she redeemed herself as she died. I know I'll never forget her. Ever since she died, my rose tree had been blooming crystal roses since then.
This takes place after Gisele's Revenge (the first one) and Toki has a secret. In a Princess Fiona-esque sequence, Toki is normal by winter's day and changes form by winter's night as the Snow rose. It is a curse she is forced to have and she does not know how she came to be cursed but she had likely been cursed since childhood. However, someone knows about this secret and wants her dead for the sole purpose of ressurecting Giselle with her blood (if you have not read Giselle's Revenge, you might want to before reading this).

The only reason why it is called 'Crystal Rose' because Toki's blood turns you to crystal if it gets in your veins, if you didn't know that, please read 'Shattered Glass' for more info

I got image at:
[link] because it close enough to a crystal rose, I'll draw the book cover for this l8er
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