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One day, Toki had fallen gravely ill and was soon hospitalized. Her illness grew worse and soon she fell comatose. The doctors had no choice but to keep her in that state. Doki sat by her bedside day by day, night by night, whenever she could. Still, Toki did not awake and her sister would burst into tears. She remembered how her sister would mention she would like to sleep under the stars and, now that she was comatose, she could dream about doing what she spoke. “Under the starry sky as you sleep, Toki, just as you’ve wanted.” she whispered, feeling very sad. She had a reason to be sad and that was because she and Toki was almost always together but, now, in light of the circumstances, her sister may be going to a place where she cannot yet follow.

While Toki lie comatose, things grew very rough at home and eventually she stopped speaking and became depressed, as well as withdrawn. She only dressed in black, as if for funerals. It didn’t matter if she wore black or wasn’t herself because the whole house was that way, silent, depressed, and withdrawn. Even the cat and kittens didn’t want to play and continued to meow and mew in anguish. “What am I to do if Toki’s dies?” she asked herself. While she didn’t speak, she expressed her sorrow loudly, so loud, at that, that it could be heard all over the town. She often cried, or, to a quieter extent, whimpered herself to sleep. If Toki was well again, she would smile.

Whenever she went to sleep, she would have the memories of her twin sister replaying her in her head, while she slept. It was quite wondered if Toki had dreams while comatose. She remembered the first time she saw her sister and that they both acknowledged each other’s existence, a memory from early infancy, right after being born. She knew, since then, the two would be inseparable. She remembered their 1st birthday and that she had quite mastered crawling. She remembered when they played outside and gazed at the stars, with Toki often attempting to count them. She remembered when they were on their own after their parents died and had no place to go when the house they lived in burned down and how much they clung to each other. She remembered when they were separated by force, never to see each other again for a long time.

Time passed, Toki still didn’t awake and the doctors knew not what to do. They asked her if she considered on saying goodbye, to which she answers “No, I have not.” They explained that if Toki if didn’t come out of her coma, then there was nothing they could do and the illness would kill her. After they finished their explanation, she ran into her sister’s room and sobbed over her. The doctors didn’t bother to pull her away and concluded on letting her lie there.

Time passed, still Toki had not awakened and Doki could think of no other life. Every night, she made a tearful prayer to save her sister. Every day, the cycle repeated and every night, she prayed, hoping for a miracle. In times like this, someone would tell her and reassure her things would be alright but no one could really do that for themselves. However, one night, after prayer and as she was falling asleep, she felt a hand on her head and heard what can be believed to her sister’s voice say “It’ll be alright, Doki, don’t cry, be strong.” After hearing the voice, she felt better and had a new sense of hope that Toki was going to survive.

Time passed, while Toki remained comatose, things started to return to normal, though with some sadness. While things were returning to the way they once were, one day, Doki received a phone call from the hospital. Toki started to show signs she was coming out of her coma but they explained they wouldn’t be for sure until that night. The next day, she received another phone call and recognized a tired voice on the other end. Her sister’s. Her sister pulled through and was recovering. “I’ll see you soon, Toki.” Doki answered.

Toki came home two weeks later and was feeling very tired. Everyone was so happy to see she had made a nice recovery and that she was certainly glad to see them. After she had came home, Doki spent the rest of the day with her sister.

Under the starry sky, as you sleep….
A story I thought I posted but summary, Toki is sick and soon falls comatose and no one is sure that she will make it
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