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"Okay, I'll bite. When Doki don't got her glasses, why does she need a white cane, ya know, the kind that blind people use?" Ginger asked.

Spin breathed in heavily and said, "She needs a white cane because of that one time, she walked into the street and caused a car accident and had fallen down the stairs because she couldn't see."  

"How did that happen?"


It was summer day and Doki's glasses were recently broken and, by "recent", I mean that they were broken about an hour ago. Of course, she couldn't see  thing and we were foolish to leave her alone. Naturally, she decided to try to find her way to the glasses store without any sort of help. Nevertheless, this proved to be awful, as she apparently has  no peripheral vision and is very nearsighted without her glasses to the point that the fuzzy images she see seems to blend together

So, as she attempted to cross the street, she walked right into the middle of the road. Seven cars piled up on top of each other. She got a vision test afterward and it was declared that, without her glasses, she fit the standard of legally blind.

"And that is why she needs a white cane."
Why Doki needs a white cane
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March 16, 2014


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