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One day, the Seamstress Clan got a notice for a funeral and it a member of the Rabbitwright Family, cousin Soreene. Of course, Soreen may have died but she left behind a child and her will dictated who was to have her after the funeral. As should be noted, her child, Sorrel was still a baby and she had no other parent to speak of. When Bunny read the notice, she remembered the last time she had seen Soreene and that was not too long after a family reunion.  In thinking about it, she had went to Toki for advice and told her about Soreene, even showing her a photo. "Soreene, is it? Hmm, when was the last you had seen her?" Toki asked, looking at the photo with curiousity. Bunny sighed and said, "Not too long ago and that was at the last family reunion, which was about a year ago."  Toki looked up from the photograph and responded with an inquisitive squeak, before asking, "Did you speak with her?"

"Nothing besides a 'Hello, Soree.' and that was it."

"I see, when is the funeral, Ethelinda?"


"Oh my, well, does it permit you bring someone with you?"

"Yes, and I am taking you but you wear your prettiest black dress and that veil."

"Alright then and besides, perhaps I can get reacquainted with the Rabbitwrights again, they are really nice."

That night, the two left for California and Toki comforted any grieving Rabbitwrights and explored the curiousities that was the house. Of course, in exploring, she discovered something, actually, someone. It was a little Rabbitwright kit with a ginger patterning and she looked much akin to Soreene from the photo. She squeaked in curiousity but remember her curiousity about this child will be satisfied tomarrow, at Soreene's funeral. The funeral was short and then they gathered to hear Soreene's will, a letter of what she wanted to happen. "Now, I shall read Soreene's letter:

Dear Rabbitwright Family,

I know life is ephemeral and I have written this should I have passed. This is my final will and I have but only one gift to give in a time so unfortunate and I have but one wish, not for myself but for Sorrel and the fact that Ethelinda will love her just as I would have loved her. In giving my life to give Sorrel hers, I ask only that she be given to Ethelinda and that is the only thing I ask.

Soreene Rabbitwright

That is as she's stated it and as it should be." Wilhelimina said, after reading Soreene's letter. Upon hearing the letter read, it became apparent that Soreene died from complications during or after pregnancy and childbirth and she knew she would die but, in loving her baby so much, she saw a mother figure in Bunny. Toki and Bunny didn't leave alone, they left taking Sorrel with them.
Bunny gets a notice for a funeral and finds out her cousin Soreene (also known as Soree) had passed away but, however, what the notice omitted was that she had had a baby, who's name is Sorrel and Sorrel needs someone to look after in the place of her mother.
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