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It Does Take Secrets by AkaiChounokoe It Does Take Secrets :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
It Doesn't Take Much
it doesn't take much to
grow gardens
But it does take secrets.
What kind of secrets?
Really dirty secrets
Haunting secrets, the sort that makes one
The sort that will make one
Disappear as soon
They are
The secrets that
Make gardens grow are not to be asked
Turn around and walk away
While you still can
Do so now
Unless, you are so direly curious
Stay to have your curiosity sated
However, you won't be leaving
No, however, I do wonder if you like roses
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0
Killerbunny LIX: Child #999 (AKA ''Lilith'') by AkaiChounokoe Killerbunny LIX: Child #999 (AKA ''Lilith'') :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0 Cards Face Down by AkaiChounokoe Cards Face Down :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0
Preview Unavailable
Kill la Kill AU XXI: Credit Card Scheme :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
Kill la Kill AU XII: Nonon's Missing Monkey by AkaiChounokoe Kill la Kill AU XII: Nonon's Missing Monkey :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 3 0 Secrets and Lunacy by AkaiChounokoe Secrets and Lunacy :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
Sometimes, Smiles Can Hide Secrets
Her smile is alluring, isn't it?
Couldn't tell that she is pain, could you?
No, she puts her best face forward and smile
Her smiles tend to hide secrets
She's cutting herself again
Causing more pain to end pain
It is but a neverending cycle of pain
A cycle of pain that she doesn't know how to break
A cycle of pain that continues and continues
A cycle of pain that remains unseen
Hidden behind a ruby red smile
A charming smile
Smiles can hide secrets and her's is doing is just that
Of course, a smile cannot really explain away the bloodied bandages
Nor blood on her sleeve
Or cuts on her wrists
Or a bloodied blade
Yet, her smiles conceals her secret
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0
Smiles Can Hide Secrets by AkaiChounokoe Smiles Can Hide Secrets :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0
A Review of The Secret World of Arrietty
When I saw the movie, I was amazed. It was indeed a darling movie but also a little sad, nevertheless, it was enjoyable to watch.
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 3 0
Flandre's Room by AkaiChounokoe Flandre's Room :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0 Angelica by AkaiChounokoe Angelica :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 3 0
Twas Silence That Betrayed
Keeping secrets will prove to be full of misfortune
Being a secret-keeper betrays
Twas silence that betrayed the friendship
Twas silence that strained it
When it comes to keeping horrific secrets
Ones that are meant to be told
Silence is the enemy
The person’s silence betrayed them
Because, of that silence, irreversible damage was done
Silence hid the truth and it cost them dearly
Twas silence that betrayed them
Twas silence that brought the shame
Twas silenced that concealed the truth
Twas silence that costed them dearly
If only that silence were broken, then the great shame would lift
And, the truth would be out
If the truth were out, the person would be free
But, no, cowardice gave rise to silence
If only it hadn’t, but brought a cycle
A cycle of shame and lies is what it brought
Twas silence that betrayed them
Only when the silence is broken, the cycle of shame and lies will end and the truth will set them free
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 2
Diary of the Borderline Schizophrenic
It was often thought about what secrets Frailine hid. No one thought about it, until Toki was going about the things in her room and stumbled upon something unsettling. A diary. No one knew Frailine ever kept a diary but, however, as odd as it sounded, that was a secret she took with her when the state took custody of her and incarcerated her into the asylum.
It was thought Toki would protest against it but she didn't say a thing and just stood there while the attendants came and took her away, rather, she felt it was best not to say a thing and figured it was for the best. Why she didn't protest against Frailine being taken was something of unknown. Even if she did protest, there was nothing she could do. Ever since her last suicide attempt, no one spoke of her again and she was quite forgotten.
When Toki, her former guardian, found this diary, she decided to figure out wha
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
The Other Little Sister
The Rabbitwright family hid a secret from Bunny that she soon had found out at a family reunion. As far she knew, Madgie was her only sister but she finds out she could have another. This secret threatened to change the very life she knew and she did not want to be. Her parents never announced that her mother was pregnant again so she came to one question: Was Madgie born with a twin? Such question could not easily be answered and no one knew for sure. She thought nothing of it and figured it was something she musn't trouble herself with but soon, what she tried to cover up and ignore became too great of a secret to keep covered. No longer was it secret, it was now mystery.
She went to Toki's house to tell her this startling revelation. "Really, Usagi, is this true?" Toki asked in return. Bunny confirmed it was. However, she received the answer and thought about it. It should be noted, on a side note, that Toki has more secrets than no one knows or asks about b
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 2 0
What Toki normally thinks about by AkaiChounokoe What Toki normally thinks about :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
Hunting Hour and the Poisoned Piano
Toki's behaviour had grown very strange ever since she came home and played her piano. Everyone thought it was just her mental illnesses but her friends knew it was something deeper than that.  When everyone was sleeping, she would wander the house with a knife in her hand, laughing maniacally and sadistically. "They all ran from the farmers wife, who CUT their tails with a BUTCHER KNIFE!" is what she would say in the middle of the night, followed by a sadistic laughter.
Everyone in the house had a feeling they were the mice and the 'tails' were their lives.  When they all  prepared for bed, they made sure they were in bed by 8:00 sharp. "Jinx, I have to pee!"said Spin, one night. Jinx sat up and said "Well, you can't, Toki will get you. Noting her strange behaviour, she could outrun you if she was determined."
"I still have to pee."
"No, you stay up here, in the attic with me
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0
Snow Rose I: Crystal Rose
Toki hid a secret. A long buried secret. By day, she was completely afraid of the cold and would seek a way to get away from it as soon as possible but, by night, she would sit and stare at the winter night admiringly, unusually tolerant to the cold, before she would go outside. This was a trait her infant did not inherit.  
Whenever she set foot outside in the cold night air, her eyes turned to a bright icy blue and her hair turned snow white with stains of icy blue, matching what she wore, though this varied every winter night (this form is frequent but the overall color, white, and hairpin remained the same in other forms).
With the night wearing a slightly obscuring veil or white, she moved through the falling snow, looking like an apparition.  She tried to hide this form but one of her friends would bring up the fact she had something to hide
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 6
Rose Garden of Secrets
Of all things Toki, Jinx, Spin hid, they hid their past. Of all the three, Toki had the most secrets. She had long buried secrets she didn't even tell her sister or even her closest friends. Toki always hid her pain, her sorrow, and certain regrets of her life. While she may look like an innocent schizophrenic woman, who struggled with her life, tending to a decently large rose garden, she hid so many devastating secrets, most of which she tried to bury forever. She went through such great lengths to hide what secrets she had buried in her 'rose garden of secrets'. Shrouded in thorns and roses, she hid several terrifying secrets.
Now, Jaynine (called Frailine), while incarcerated in the asylum (having truly lost her sanity), made a vow to herself to tell Toki's buried secrets to those who were very close to her, as an effort of forgiving her and trying to help. She knew if Toki let those secrets stay burie
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
Flowers of Tomorrow
The past is dead and gone. They're free now. Toki and Frailine are free. The rose garden curse had ended. Of all the hell they had been through, they were free, at last. With Toki sobbing in my arms, she admitted her guilt and all that she regreted.  I held her hand and said "In God's eyes, thou is not guilty."  Bit by bit, the rose garden was disappearing. It seemed like only yesterday Frailine was trying to do right and now she is slowly dying. I wished so much for none of this to have happened but it did. After sobbing, she fainted in my arms. I felt the room spin around me and all goes black.
Next thing I know, I'm awake in my bed, as if it were a dream. It wasn't a dream, I know. I wandered out and found Brownie, Holly, Jinx, Spin, and Toki lying in their beds as well but Frailine was nowhere to be found. My guess was that she died from her injuries or her visit had ended and she had to return to the mental hospital. In nothing but a nightgown, I wandered into
:iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 2 0
Mature content
Secrets I :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 1 0
Mature content
Time Heals No Wounds I :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 0 0


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